Gear Cam Index

Indexing Drives, also known as roll gear cam index. According to the needs of user’s time series production cams, cam rotation drives output shaft. The output shaft shows intermittent movement of mechanical products since its internal structure is all-mechanical. It also has a long service life.

The output shaft is also a roller turret assembly with 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 rollers on the assembly.

Brands: KASUTO

General Technical Data

  • Input speed(rpm)


  • Number of stops



Roller Gear Cam Feature The feature is a very simple intermittent indexing mechanism which is orthogonally combined with 2 elements; roller gear cams (globoidal cams) and cam followers are radially placed in the turret and rotates the cam uniformly to convey the motion. That motion is always resrained based on 2 point contacts of the cam grooves and the ribs to the cam followers and it can be achieved by its cam followers. For that matter, it would be easy to imagine like a worm gear reducer that a cam would be a worm gear and a tullet would be a worm wheel. The most significant feature of this mechanism is the point of easily adjustable between shafts. Roller gear cam, which is one of the main parts is a kind of concave cam. Since the rib is tapered and combined with cam followers placed radially in the tullet, “0” backlash is possible to pressure appropriately. It is excelent in terms of high speed and accuracy.

Model designation


ABM (44)