Medium Voltage Motors

ABM has been linked to the manufacturing of flexible and powerful MV and HV motors. They are our main business area. Our MV motors are available in different versions with different voltages:

Nominal voltage at 50 Hz: 3000 V; 3300 V; 5000 V; 5500 V; 6000 V; 6300 V; 6600 V; 10000 V; 10500 V; 11000 V

Nominal voltage at 60 Hz: 2300 V; 4160 V; 6000 V; 6600 V; 11000 V; 13200 V; 13800 V


ABM MV motors are designed for particularly tough and extreme industrial requirements. They are highly efficient, extremely robust, durable and easy to maintain

  • Available as MV squirrel cage motors and MV slip ring motors
  • All types of cooling and protection classes
  • Customized special constructions for even the most onerous applications
  • Identically interchangeable replicas of existing or obsolete motors
  • Offer built in adaptability for existing foundations
  • Production according to DIN ISO 9001
  • High load capacity, high torque availablity and long service life
  • High efficiency
  • Low operating and maintenance costs, with high MTBF performance
  • Also available for use in the most aggressive atmospheres
Brands: ABM

General Technical Data

  • Rated Power

    Up to 25000 KW

  • Poles

    2P, 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P


MV motors up to 13800 V directly from manufacturer

ABM manufactures medium to high voltage asynchronous motors up to 13800 V (13.8 kV) with squirrel-cage rotors up to 25000 kW (25 MW) as well as slip ring rotors up to 8000 kW (8 MW). Various electrical and mechanical designs as well as all types of protection and cooling are possible. Our motors are designed for mains or inverter operation and comply with the current standards EN60034 and IEC60034, VDE, DIN and ISO.

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