Chemical metering pumps

Brands: ABM

General Technical Data

  • Input power

    Up to 1.1kW

  • Max Flow


  • Voltage



ABM diaphragm and plunger pumps, which are reciprocating positive displacement pumps, provide the greatest possible metering accuracy. They set the standard for safety, reliability and efficiency, especially when it comes to pumping supercritical fluids.

Every metering pump made by ABM is designed with particular strengths: Whether your needs include energy-efficiency, low maintenance costs, or an extremely long service life for diaphragms. Or perhaps you are looking for a metering pump model that can handle supercritical fluids and liquid gas, or one that meets the highest requirements and demands of the oil and gas, chemistry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, or food and beverage industry.

Materials that come into contact with the feed chemical

  • PVC (P)
  • Poly Propylene (PP)
  • Stainless Steel (S)
  • Teflon (T)

Chemical Dosing Pumps Specification:

  • Temp: –10 °C up to +45 °C
  • Flow rate: up to 4000 l/h
  • Power: 0.18 to 1.1 kW, 220-380 V, 50 Hz,
  • IP 55 in accordance with IEC 529, EN 60529, DIN VDE 0470
  • Max. temperature long-term at maximum operating pressure: 45°C
  • Minimum temperature: – 10°C

Model designation

ABM (44)