TE Series

Brands: ABM

General Technical Data

  • Input power

    0.18Kw to 7.5kW

  • Max Flow

    Up to 440 L/min

  • Voltage



Submersible borehole pumps for 3” wells (DN 80 mm), 3.5” wells (DN 90 mm), and 4” wells (DN 100 mm), with external jacket in stainless steel AISI 304 and impellers in Noryl.

Connection: screwed connection ISO 228.

Delivery casing with built-in non-return valve.

Liquid temperature: up to a 35 °C for 4” motors

– up to a 25 °C for 6” motors.

Max. sand quantity into the water: 150 g/m3 (300 g/m3 high percentage of solids and sand).

Continuous duty.


For water supply systems.

For civil and industrial applications.

For fire fighting applications.

For irrigation.

Electric Motors:

2-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n ≈ 2900 rpm).

Sized for connection to the pumps according to NEMA Standards.

Standard voltages:

single-phase – single-phase 230 V up to 2,2 kW for 4” motors.

three-phase – three-phase 230 V; 400 V, for 4” motors.

– three-phase 400 V; 400/690 V, for 6” motors.

Voltage tolerance : +6% / -10%.

In order to limit both current and torque at each starting, for rated motor powers equal to or higher than 7.5 kW, one of the following types of starting is necessary: star/delta, soft starter, stator impedance or autotransformer.

Insulation class F for 4” motors, class E for 6” motors.

Protection IP 68.

Continuous duty.

4” motor suitable operation with frequency converter (4” singlephase excluded).

6” motor suitable operation with frequency converter (with suitable filter dv/dt).

Model designation

TE Series

80TE, 90TE, 100TE, 150TE

TEN Series

80TEN, 90TEN, 100TEN, 150TEN
ABM (44)