ALIE Series Aluminum Frame Motors

ABM’s IEC Metric Frame Motors are specifically designed for the needs of our customers utilizing equipment manufactured overseas. ABM’s IEC motors operate at IE1, IE2 and IE3 Efficiency at 50 Hz and are NEMA Premium Efficient at 60 Hz operation. Features include an aluminum frame, a multi-mounting frame design, a vacuum pressure impregnation system, and CE and IEC60034-1 certifications.

Aluminum frame and removable feet being able to provide great flexibility and facilitate the change of configuration without requiring additional machining or modifications. Its terminal box can rotate every 90 degrees, allowing the connection of the motor cables on any side. Furthermore, these motors are totally interchangeable with the cast iron motors.

Brands: ABM

General Technical Data

  • Rated Power


  • Poles

    2P, 4P, 6P, 8P

  • Efficiency

    IE1, IE2, IE3

  • Standard



ALIE Series is three phase high efficiency induction aluminum motors.

– Efficiency: IE1, IE2, IE3

– Frame size: 56~180

– Poles: 2~6

– Protection: IP55, IP56, IP65

– Voltage-HZ: 230/400V-50hz,265-460V-60hz; 400/690V-50hz,460/795V-60hz

– Cooling method: IC411, IC416, IC418

Model designation


ALIE1 56, ALIE1 63, ALIE1 71, ALIE1 80, ALIE1 90, ALIE1 100, ALIE1 112, ALIE1 132, ALIE1 160, ALIE1 180


ALIE2 56, ALIE2 63, ALIE2 71, ALIE2 80, ALIE2 90, ALIE2 100, ALIE2 112, ALIE2 132, ALIE2 160, ALIE2 180


ALIE3 56, ALIE3 63, ALIE3 71, ALIE3 80, ALIE3 90, ALIE3 100, ALIE3 112, ALIE3 132, ALIE3 160, ALIE3 180
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