MF Series Frequency Converter motors

MF Series motors are fed with Variable Voltage & Variable Frequency (VVVF) from inverter (VFD) supply to achieve speed variation required by the process / application & to gain energy savings related with speeds. Typical VFDs have a very high switching frequencies which results in generating very high dV/dt (up to 1.2kV/µs). Such high pulses impress severe stresses on the windings. If the motors with standard insulation systems are fed from inverters, the repeated pulses of such surge waves reduces the insulation strength & the life of the motor unpredictably. ABM Inverter duty motors are wound with special insulation system viz. dual coated class H wires, special vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI).


Separate cooling:

When the motor is run from 5Hz to 50Hz & expected to deliver the rated torque, the motor will draw the rated current. The heating due to the rated current will be equal to the rated heating. At lower speeds, the cooling of the motor is reduced significantly resulting in increased temperature rise. To control this, inverter duty motors are fitted with separate cooling fans. This ensures that the rated cooling is maintained even at reduced speeds.

Insulated Bearing:

It is also suggested to protect motors of frames 315 & above with insulated bearing at non-drive end due to high shaft currents induced, which are detrimental to bearing life. In smaller motors, shaft currents are less, which are taken care of by grease film in the bearing.

Operation at higher speeds:

At frequencies above 50Hz, voltage is maintained constant & only the frequency is increased. This results in reduced V/f ratio resulting in weakened magnetic flux in the motor. Following care should be taken in this operation mode.

Brands: ABM

General Technical Data

  • Rated Power


  • Poles

    2P, 4P, 6P


MF Series Three-phase inverter duty motors series use a separate line axial fan forced cooling with high-performance electromagnetic design and insulation system, 5~50Hz constant torque, 50~100Hz constant power speed working condition.

Product Specifications

MF series motors, variable speed / frequency.

IEC Standard

Cooling method IC416 (forced cooling), protection class IP55, F class insulation, B grade temperature

Frame size : 71-355

Pole : 2, 4, 6, 8

Rated power: 0.18kW ~ 560kW, frequency control.

Frequency range: 5 ~ 100Hz

5 ~ 50Hz: constant torque output

50 ~ 100Hz: constant power output

Model designation

2MFA Aluminum frame

2MFA63, 2MFA71, 2MFA80, 2MFA90, 2MFA100, 2MFA112, 2MFA132, 2MFA160

2MFC Cast iron frame

2MFC63, 2MFC71, 2MFC80, 2MFC90, 2MFC100, 2MFC112, 2MFC132, 2MFC160, 2MFC180, 2MFC200, 2MFC225, 2MFC250, 2MFC280, 2MFC315, 2MFC355
ABM (44)