WJ High Performance Motors

ABM High performance induction motors are tough, high quality products designed for durability in the most demanding environments and applications. They are ideally suited to process industries and heavy duty applications where motors have to meet high requirements for reliability, availability and efficiency in harsh conditions. ABM High performance motors operate critical processes with minimal downtime and are a dependable choice for driving your products.

  • Operate critical processes with minimal downtime and are a dependable choice for driving your products
  • Provide great flexibility for specific solutions and can be individually designed to the exact demands of the application
  • More precise control of speed and torque, tested with variable speed drive
  • Wide range of options and accessories available
Brands: ABM

General Technical Data

  • Rated Power

    0.18kW to 500kW

  • Efficiency

    IE2, IE3, IE4, IE5

  • Poles

    2P, 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P

  • Standard



WJ Series is three phase high performance motors.

– Efficiency: IE2, IE3, IE4, IE5

– Frame size: 80~400

– Poles: 2P, 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P, 12P

– Protection: IP55, IP56, IP65

– Voltage-HZ: 230/400V-50hz,265-460V-60hz; 400/690V-50hz,460/795V-60hz

– Cooling method: IC411, IC416, IC41

Model designation

2WJA_IE2 Aluminum Frame Motors

2WJA63, 2WJA71, 2WJA80, 2WJA90, 2WJA100, 2WJA112, 2WJA132, 2WJA160, 2WJA180

3WJA_IE3 Aluminum Frame Motors

3WJA63, 3WJA71, 3WJA80, 3WJA90, 3WJA100, 3WJA112, 3WJA132, 3WJA160, 3WJA180

4WJA_IE4 Aluminum Frame Motors

4WJA63, 4WJA71, 4WJA80, 4WJA90, 4WJA100, 4WJA112, 4WJA132, 4WJA160, 4WJA180

5WJA_IE5 Aluminum Frame Motors

5WJA63, 5WJA71, 5WJA80, 5WJA90, 5WJA100, 5WJA112, 5WJA132, 5WJA160, 5WJA180

2WJC_IE2 Cast Iron Frame Motors

2WJC80, 2WJC90, 2WJC100, 2WJC112, 2WJC132, 2WJC160, 2WJC180, 2WJC200, 2WJC225, 2WJC250, 2WJC280, 2WJC315, 2WJC355, 2WJC400

3WJC_IE3 Cast Iron Frame Motors

3WJC80, 3WJC90, 3WJC100, 3WJC112, 3WJC132, 3WJC160, 3WJC180, 3WJC200, 3WJC225, 3WJC250, 3WJC280, 3WJC315, 3WJC355, 3WJC400

4WJC_IE4 Cast Iron Frame Motors

4WJC80, 4WJC90, 4WJC100, 4WJC112, 4WJC132, 4WJC160, 4WJC180, 4WJC200, 4WJC225, 4WJC250, 4WJC280, 4WJC315, 4WJC355, 4WJC400

5WJC_IE5 Cast Iron Frame Motors

5WJC80, 5WJC90, 5WJC100, 5WJC112, 5WJC132, 5WJC160, 5WJC180, 5WJC200, 5WJC225, 5WJC250, 5WJC280, 5WJC315, 5WJC355, 5WJC400
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