BM Series Brake Motors

Brake motors

ABM three-phase brake motors comply with efficiency classes IE1 and IE3 and are available with both DC and AC brakes. We can customise and modify our motors for all types of environments. We also have a wide range of accessories and options. Our brake motors are designed to handle the most demanding applications.

Three-phase electric motor with automatic stop

BM brake motor is a type of electric motor that features a braking device that allows the motor to stop quickly and safely when needed. This is essential for lifting equipment and machinery, for example, where precise load handling is essential. When the power to the motor is cut off, the brake is automatically activated, stopping the motor from rotating.

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What characteristics are you looking for? Low consumption, minimal maintenance or high reliability in demanding environments? We have the solution for your business! We manufacture configurable brake motors for new or modified production environments.

Brands: ABM

General Technical Data

  • Rated Power

    0.12kW to 30kW

  • Standard



BM Series is designed to meet the needs of general holding applications. This product line is built to withstand the toughest conditions and offers some of the highest efficiency and torque ratings while producing some of the lowest vibration ratings in the industry leading to a longer life and greater reliability.

– Efficiency: IE1, IE2

– Frame size: BM71~BM180

– Poles: 2~6

– Protection: IP55

– Voltage-HZ: 230/400V-50hz,265-460V-60hz; 400/690V-50hz,460/795V-60hz

– Cooling method: IC411

Model designation


BM71, BM80, BM90, BM100, BM112, BM132, BM160, BM180, BM200, BM225
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