Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage Industry

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Supplying people around the world with groceries represents one of the central challenges for humanity, not the least because of a constantly growing world population. Pumps are required throughout the entire manufacturing process of food and beverage products. Such processes include irrigation of fields and plantations, process engineering for further processing to the ready-for-sale product and also cooling for storage, transport and sale of the goods.

Industrial pumps and hygienic pumps

Due to the large number of applications, an equally large number of different pump technologies are used. A distinction is generally made between pumps that come into direct contact with the products and those that are used in process engineering. For pumps that are used for direct delivery of food or beverage products, special requirements on hygiene-compliant design apply. In these cases, corresponding pumps in hygienic designs, so-called hygienic pumps, are used. Common industrial pumps are used for process engineering.

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