ABM Provides Power Transmission Solutions For Wastewater Applications

As industry leaders in electromechanical power transmission products, ABM group have been helping wastewater equipment manufacturers and treatment facilities worldwide achieve great success by increasing their efficiency while at the same time reducing their costs and their downtime. ABM engineered power transmission products are installed in a wide array of applications including headworks, clarifiers, aeration equipment, and sludge treatment equipment. 

ABM group provide full drive train solutions for the wastewater industry, with a comprehensive offering of couplings, gear motors, speed reducers, torque-limiting devices, and belted drives to meet the specific needs of the wastewater industry. Designed to prevent corrosion and damage from temperature and humidity, ABM products withstand the harsh environment of the wastewater industry while providing exceptional personnel safety and equipment protection. 

ABM offer advanced technologies together with exceptional engineering capability. We analyze every application in order to optimize the best solutions for our customers. This approach allows us to provide multiple options to solve the same application challenge, with either high quality solutions or cost-conscious choices. 

To help wastewater facilities control inventories, ABM teams work hard to achieve short lead times and on- time deliveries. Our products are designed to reduce downtime throughout wastewater processing plants by meeting the requirements for long service intervals, easy maintenance and fast interchanges. 

As the leading innovator of worm and helical gear and gear motor technologies, ABM continues to improve product performance by developing innovative features, designs and custom engineered solutions to meet the demands of the wastewater market. Providing unmatched reliability and versatility, these products have been used in wastewater facilities for years and can be found on bar screens, grit collectors, sand separators, screw conveyors, clarifier drive units, sediment and aeration tank scraper/skimmer blades, sludge augers, agitators and mixers, and pumps. 

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