Paper & Pulp

Pulp & Paper pumps

HAWARA offers centrifugal pumps for all industrial applications and processes in the pulp and paper industry.

Are you responsible for the operation or maintenance of a pulp or paper mill? Are you a project manager for the construction of a greenfield pulp or paper mill? Only HAWARA combines the entire process and plant technology for pulp and paper production under one roof offering a series of high performance, reliable pumps.

HAWARA centrifugal pumps are used as process pumps in many different areas of pulp and paper mills. They pump suspensions at consistencies of up to 8% b.d., offer high efficiencies of up to 90%, and convince customers with their service-friendly and modular design. These pumps are also available with an additional degasser if the medium to be pumped has a high gas content. For complete information on our centrifugal pumps for the pulp and paper industry please contact us directly.

Application examples for pumps in the pulp & paper industry

·    Water delivery

·    Stock preparation

·    Coating production

·    Caustic gasification

·    De-inking

·    Flocculation

·    Paper bleaching

·    Additives

·    Dyes

·    Wastewater treatment

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